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AutoCast and SoundPlay

Meaning of "cannot save persistent program log queue" error

Some good dynamics settings for our BeOS users

An error message you can ignore

Viewing your output log in a BIG window

Preparing Program Logs - Stay TWO Jumps Ahead of TuneTracker.

Using AutoCast's Drag-n-drop to copy song files

Using color coding to view songs by genre in AutoCast

Quick "cheat" to copy the currently-playing audio file

EOM trumps Cue for songs. Read why!

Understanding the information in your Output Logs

Just how much info CAN you put in the song's "Info" field?

In AutoCast, displaying a song's path and filename

Trick to quickly collapse hours while in hour view

Silencing SoundPlay without affecting your Internet stream

A "best practices" recommendation for playing songs "out of order"

Assuring you're in the right place after reloading the log

Hey, where'd my buttons go?!

Setting Up a multi-switch button in TuneTracker

Causing multiple switcher routings with a single program log event

Displaying and using database-style output logs - part one

Displaying text scripts right off the web

The Cue feature, AutoCast's "blue cart button"

Displaying information when songs last played

Using KickStart to keep AutoCast Crankin'!

Boosting or Reducing Individual Track Volumes

Using Drag-n-Drop to Do Color Coding

Using Live-Assist Mode during Live Programming

Using the TalkBed Feature, Part II "How"

Using the TalkBed Feature, Part I "Why"

Using Cue to Overlap with Network Return

When Block Programming Quits Permaturely (SS May Be to Blame)

Using Lightning with ShuttlePad to Rapidly Add Commercials to Current Program Log

Setting Up an Index Card Stack

Moving the Button Editor for Easier Drag-n-Drop Editing

Using a "Run" Button to Do Backups

Creating a "Radar Button" in AutoCast

Using Number Keys - Easy as One, Two, Three...uh, Four!

The F-Key: Your Window on the World

Dragging from Anywhere to Preview in AutoCast

Viewing Lengthy Artist and Title Information

Take the Time to Play With Your System!

What are those Output Logs and Report Logs for?

Understanding Segue Markers

Using the Get Info Feature for Commercial Tags

Adding Segue Markers to Non-Song Events Like Sweepers

Making Life Easier with UseMyShowSet and UseButtonPadSet

Delay in Your Headphones

TimeAnnounce "Cheating"

Saving the Contents of the Scrolling Textbox

AutoCast View Modes - By the Numbers

Fix for Rare "Chopped Audio" Anomaly

Calculating Running Time

Muting SoundPlay

TuneTracker's "Pervasive Nature"

Elapsed Time Display in SoundPlay

Avoiding Live Input Crashes

Reducing Live Echo

Drag-and-Drop to Queue

Solving a "Live Freeze"

Live Input Only When You Want It

Remote Administration

If TT Anywhere access is slowing down...

Emergency (and other) Updates From Home

More Notes on Using TT Anywhere to Engineer Your Own Broadcast

Accessing Multiple Stations with TT Anywhere

Engineering Your Own Remote Broadcast with TT Anywhere™ Part II

Engineering Your Own Remote Broadcast with TT Anywhere™ Part I

Reloading the Log

Preserving Attributes with FTP<

Audio and Production

Using Army Knife to Copy Filename to Title Attribute

Setting Up an Audition Circuit on Your Switcher

RadioDaddy is Your Friend

Christmas Tip 2: "Selecting Christmas Music"

Christmas Tip 2: "Selecting Christmas Music"

Randomizing by More than One Criteriat-Once

Manually Changing File Attributes

Customizing TT2 Pro Time Announcements

Preserving Attributes with FTP<


Haiku®, BEOS, and ZETA

The Benefits of Using Workspaces

Making Workspaces Awesome

Taking advantage of Haiku's "Tabs"

Quickly umounting multiple drive volumes

Using USB hard drives in Haiku

Using USB sticks and "jump drives" in Haiku

Restoring files from Trash to their original locations automatically

If you empty the trash and the icon doesn't look empty

If the icons ever disappear from your desktop...

Getting rid of the music flourish when Haiku®/ZETA boots up

Getting to the Desktop from AutoCast

Killing and Restarting Tracker or the Deskbar

Cleaning Out Your Backup Drive

How Much RAM is Enough?

Compensating for Daylight Savings Time Changes, in Haiku®

Getting Anywhere Fast

Moving a Window to Another Workspace

Preserving On-Air Integrity

Turning Off System Sounds

Mounting Volumes Automatically

Clearing Drives So They Can Be Unmounted

TuneTracker-Friendly Decors in ZETA

Learn to "Right-Click-and-Drag"

Spying Resource Usage

Launching TimeTracker at Bootup

Printing Out Song Lists

Magic Alert Messages



Solving the Click Twice Conundrum

GMT Accuracy

Keeping LiveEncoder Hidden but Handy

Quickly Changing Attributes

Using Big Hard Drives<

Miscellaneous Tips

Bringing files over from Lightning to ArmyKnife

Powering your computer off and back on remotely while it is left unattended

Quickly save Lightning search results as a playlist file

Some helpful studio setup/wiring diagrams

Finding any file in a folder, instantly

What to do if desktop icons bunch up/overlap

What to do if the Deskbar crunches into a corner

Avoiding "computer noise" in live studios

Hooking up with other Haiku users via IRC (chat)

If TT Anywhere starts slowing down

What to do if Army Knife doesn't change an attribute

Putting the clamp on the cable mess

Three tools to give dust the "brush-off" at your radio station

"DataVac" a great way to keep your TuneTracker computer healthy

Creating a shortcut to log into another computer via FTP

Finding songs you can't quite remember, using Lightning

BeSharing on a Mac or PC

Don't let "Caps Lock" trip you up

Doing a fast-find, quick-scroll in Army Knife

The power of "direct-dragging" between Lightning and Army Knife

What is the Haiku® operating system?

Getting a fast count of songs in your music library

Checking your TuneBacker drive for "fullness"

Are you using TuneBacker?

How to spend a lot less on cables and adapters

Sharing calendars and photos with your listeners

Discover TuneTracker Systems' "magic logos"

A great source of free album information for your "Info" window

Getting blocked by your Internet Service Provider?

Successfully recording voice tracks anywhere is a "snap!"

How to do a carriage return when accessing Pe from TT Anywhere

Making TT Anywhere More Secure

Slowing down a "too fast" mouse pointer

Just a fun desktop tweak

Clearing files from a "smothered desktop"

Setting Up GetPlay With TimeTracker

Four ways to add valuable information to songs

Speeding Up TT Anywhere Sessions

Is Your "Home" a Mess? (Cleaning Up Your Home Folder)

Using the Switcher to Route Different Inputs for Background Recordings

Clearing All Switcher Channels Using # Route-Off

Are You Using the Info Feature?

Leave Lightning Open for Faster Searches

Restoring Lost Attributes Using Army Knife

Using Army Knife to Copy Filename to Title Attribute

Keep it All in One Folder

Generating Income Using TempAnnounce

Staying Current with NTP (clock updating)

Following LPFM News Happenings

Understanding ProximityGuard(TM)

Searching Through Multiple Output Logs

TuneTracker Chatroom Support

Launching TimeTracker at Bootup

Printing Out Song Lists

Remote Possibilities Part I

Remote Possibilities Part II

Remote Possibilities Part III



Two Different Broadcasts<

Networking and Internet Streaming

Clearing and Resetting Your BeOS Networking

If your TT Anywhere connection is slowing down

Staying Current with NTP (clock updating)

Keeping Internet Listeners Connected, Part II

Keeping Internet Listeners Connected, Part I

Streaming Properly to RealOne Players

Setting Up FTP Networking

Network Setup under ZETA "Neo"

Private Messages in BeShare

Comparing Streaming Costs

Internet Streaming Tips, Part I

Playing Audio Files Stored Elsewhere<


What's The Big Deal About ID3 Tags?

Choose Destination Folders Wisely

Mounting Volumes Automatically

Unattended Ripping of Multiple CDs

Right-Click Ripping of CDs

Manually Changing File Attributes<


Using the "Rename" Feature <

Free Resources

Calculating hard drive capacity using nice, simple "plain English"

A great free site for estimating the storage requirements of various audio file formats

Using AutoCast to Record Internet Streams for Broadcast Later

RadioDaddy is Your Friend

Christmas Tip 7: "Rotating Features by Day"

Christmas Tip 6: "MakeMyDay Christmas Present"

Christmas Tip 5: "Free Christmas Production Goodies"

TuneTracker Chatroom Support

BeShare: The Gift that Keeps on Giving<

Editing and Generating Logs

The "Simply Powerful" # Switcher Command

The Most Common Errors in TuneStacker Logs

The Difference between "cautions" and "errors" in your program logs

If TuneStacker is taking its time generating program logs

Quickly find out how many of a certain entry are in a program log

Using AutoCast's "Running Times" feature to test how your logs will run

TuneStacker errors when everything looks "OK"

Avoiding a music protection "fistfight"

Fewer time-corrects = better control over music mix

Be sure to "cover" block programming with music

An effective "casual" approach to music formatting

Letting GetPlay help you through the holidays

Using multiple attributes and wildcards in your master logs

Using the "half song rule" when placing time corrects in logs

Contending with varying lengths in satellite programming segments

Add line breaks to make logs easier to read

Interpreting TuneStacker's three progress bars

Resolving "Nulls" in Program Logs

Setting Up GetPlay With TimeTracker

Uses for the "Gender" Attribute

What do I do about question marks at the ends of lines in my program logs?

Using Relay-For to "stream" a file right off the web.

Getting double duty (and more) from the Comment attribute

What the Red Lines in Lightning Mean

Making a Text Editor the Default for Program Logs

Filenames Matter in Rotations

Scanning multiple hard drive volumes in TuneStacker

A rock-solid way to "keep quiet" during times of non-broadcast

Straying from your expected broadcast times? Check your logs!

Adding Segue Markers to Non-Song Events Like Sweepers

Making Life Easier with UseMyShowSet and UseButtonPadSet

Tweaking your (TuneStacker ProximityGuard) Tolerances, Part I

Global Search-and-Replace in Pe Text Editor

Doing Search-and-Replace of Blocks of Text

Protecting by Attribute: Make Sure They Match!

Creating Gourmet Playlists, Part II: "The Rating Attribute"

Creating Gourmet Playlists, Part I: "Kind Comments"

Creating and Merging Sports Logs into Program Logs Using Lightning

Don't Miss the ShowText Feature!

Most common problem when files aren't found by TuneStacker

Christmas Tip 4: "Prepping" for the Holidays"

Christmas Tip 3: "Preparing Holiday Logs"

Christmas Tip 1: "PlayFolder as a Holiday Production TimeSaver"

Doing Fast Edits to Multiple Logs

Using Rotate to "Cheat"

Improving your Format Increases Log Generation Speed

Randomizing by More than One Criteriat-Once

Preparing Holiday Logs

Making Paths Accurate for the "Play" Command

When NOT to use Time-Corrects

Customizing TT2 Pro Time Announcements

Reloading the Log