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Filenames Matter in Rotations

Here's an important thing to know about the Rotate command. Rotate finds every cut matching the criteria you give it, and builds its rotation list from the folders it finds them in, based on filenames, in alphabetical order. Normally that works out just fine. It's no problem for jingles, sweepers, and things like that. But suppose you have a folder that contains a dozen PSAs from the American Heart Association, a dozen PSAs from the Boy Scouts of America, etc? In that situation, if you have started all the filenames with the name of the sponsor, the rotation will plow through all of the PSAs by one sponsor before moving on to the next one.

As an example, if the filename of all the Boy Scouts of America PSAs start with the same wording, those tracks will come up in order each time a "Rotate Comment PSA" is run, until all of them have run, and then Rotate will play whatever group of filenames is next, alphabetically. For that reason, it makes sense to name the PSA files by the subject of the message rather than by the sponsor of the message. The result will be a better mix!

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