TuneTracker™ QuickTip

Take the Time to Play

Here's a really valuable tip for new TuneTracker users. While there are sometimes real-world demands that force you to hurry to get your TuneTracker station the air, consider whether you can allow yourself a little breathing room to play and experiment with the system. It's a lot easier to do that before you go on the air, and it'll result in a more pleasant, positive experience. We suggest that, if you can, you spend some relaxed, quality time just *playing* with TuneTracker. Try out a zillion scenarios...Click buttons in various orders to see what they do. Find out what all the keyboard shortcuts are. Become familiar with how you will do transitions. Put your other staffers in front of it too and let them play, play, play! Get the DVDs and go through them while using the system.

Hint #2: Giving staff a chance to experiment and play and get comfortable with the system "off air" is yet another really good reason to have a backup TuneTracker station-in-a-box. Not only does it let you play and experiment, to learn the best way to do things, but it gives you a safety backup system in case of hardware failure, theft, or other problems on your main system.

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