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Moving the Button Editor For Easier Drag-n-Drop Editing

As of the time this tip was written, AutoCast's configurable buttons have eight different modes, allowing you to assign almost any imaginable function or capability to custom buttons. Editing them is simple already, but we're going to show you how to make it even simpler.

In the case of our HotButtons and text buttons, you can configure them by simply dragging files into AutoCast or into the button editor. In the latter case, since the button editor pops up over the top of AutoCast, it can be a little difficult to also open up a folder window to get at the files you want to drag in. Solution? Don't bring the mountain to Mohammed. Bring Mohammed to the mountain!

Right-click on any button in AutoCast and choose the option that lets you open the button editor. Now click-and-hold on the yellow tab at the top of the button editor, and while holding down on the mouse button, use your other hand to do CTRL-F2 on the keyboard. The button editor will be moved to an empty desktop, giving you some breathing room to work. When you're done making drag-n-drop edits, just close the button editor. Then, if you want to skip back to the AutoCast screen again, do CTRL-F1 (which takes you to the main desktop).

By the way, you have a total of twelve such desktops, accessible using CTRL-F1, CTRL-F-2, CTRL-F3, etc. Some systems might require the ALT key rather than CTRL.

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