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Some Christmas Production Freebees!

This week, as we continue our "Very TuneTracker Christmas" series, we offer you the following Christmas present: Free production goodies! Below are some free audio files and resources you can use to spice up your productions during the holidays, and year-round.

Before you dive into these, we suggest you create some folders by category, to help keep them organized. For production effects, you might want folders for "Sweep Effects," "Zaps and Stingers," and "Music Beds." Under a single "Sound Effects" folder you might want sub folders for categories like "Cars and Trucks," "Household," "Ambient," "War," "People and Crowds," "Planes and Trains," and "Bells, Clocks and Whistles."

Now, here we go!

Big Fish Production is offering some very nice production work parts that can be used for your promos, sweepers, etc. We checked them out and were impressed. Based on the heading that goes with this page, they apparently plan to put out a full collection of them, presumably for sale, and if they're as good as the samples, they should be well-worth getting when they come out.


Jerome Horvath has put together a beautiful set of sound effects and a few synth effects. These are all recorded in high fidelity and provided as MP3 files.


Another nice batch of sound effects can be had at:


And how 'bout some Christmas-specific goodies? Check out the Christmas sound effects here:


And also, some nice free Christmas music, at the same site, at:


The instrumentals there are particularly good!

There are others we could point to, some of them better than others. For example, some offer free sample sound effects at very low bitrates such as 8 bit 11 khz mono. They sound awful, frankly. But if you google-around you'll find more good ones. For production purposes, you're best never dipping below 22 khz 8 bit at a bare minimum, and higher is obviously better. Just be sure you're getting items that truly are free, and offered by their original sources.


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