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Gourmet Playlists Part I: "Kind Comments"

This week, we begin a brief series of Q-Tips teaching you how to tap into the elegant power of our TuneStacker 3 music selection software (included with AutoCast) to create true gourmet music mixes.

Kind Comments

We all appreciate kind comments, but that's not precisely where we're going with this week's Q-Tip! Instead, it has more to do with the use of "kind" as a Comment attribute. Bear with us for a quick, two-paragraph setup:

Among the song attributes you can leverage when doing music selection in the TuneTracker System is a category that is simply called, "Comment." You can put anything you like there. As a simple example, you can mark your PSAs with the Comment, "PSA." But let's consider how, when combined with the concept of "kind," the Comment attribute immediately gives you much more control over your music mix.

Take any given song, and ask yourself, "what 'kind' of music is this?" Don't answer with something already covered in another attribute category. Don't describe its Genre. Don't describe its Tempo. Don't describe its Rating. Think about it in more creative ways, come up with your own "kind category," and mark your songs' Comment field accordingly.

Here's an excellent, practical example:

One "kind" category that is often overlooked, but can be useful in controlling your music mix, has to do with the participants in the recording. Is the song a male vocal? A female vocal? A group vocal? Solo instrumental? Group instrumental?

With your songs marked with a "Kind" style comment attribute, look at the level of sophistication you can get from your music mix! Each paragraph below represents one selected song. In this "Classic Jazz" station example, we'll use three search attributes for the random selection of every song.

Genre: Cool_Jazz

Tempo: Slow

Comment: Female
Genre: Bebop

Tempo: Fast

Comment: Group_Instrumental
Genre: Big_Band

Tempo: Medium

Comment: Male

Tempo: Slow

Comment: Quartet
In the final example, we intentionally left the Genre blank, to show you that you can also allow the system to choose "any" song that meets the other two criteria. So in our example, since this is a jazz-only station, that means any slow jazz quartet number will be selected, regardless of sub-genre. Next time, we'll show you a very cool way to add another...a "fourth dimension"...to your gourmet song searches!

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