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Generating Income with Temperature Announcements

If yours is a terrestrial (over-the-air) radio station that uses Command Center, and you aren't using temperature announcements, you're not only depriving your listeners of a really useful service and a good reason to tune in to your station, but you're depriving your station of some guaranteed income, and your local advertisers of some great exposure!

When combined with the free time announcements that come with your Command Center system, you have a "Time and Temp" service that can easily be tagged with quick advertisements or underwriter's announcements, sold to local merchants.

"It's 8:43, and 48 degrees..."

"...A time and temperature check from First National Bank, where checking is always free!"

"It's 12 o'clock and our current temperature is 70..."

"...Time to head over to Bill's Diner for today's noontime special-of-the-day. Today's it's Texas chili and cornbread!"

On the log, they can be done this simply:

# TimeAnnounce
# TempAnnounce

Tags like those can be sold inexpensively, and because frequent time and temperature announcements are in everybody's best interest, you can sell tons of them, 24/7.

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