TuneTracker™ QuickTip

Calculating Running Time

Suppose you want to create a show of some kind, made up of individual song files, announcements, etc., and you want to know how much time your show will "add up to" as you add the files. Let SoundPlay do the math for you!

In the SoundPlay file pulldown menu, choose "New Playlist Editor," then drag and drop the files of your choice into the editor. You can use the editor to arrange, rearrange, add, remove, and organize everything exactly as you like it. As you make changes to the conents, the editor keeps a running-count, showing the total time your files will take to play.

Not only is this method useful for calculating running time, but you can also use it to actually stack your show for real. Just choose "Save Playlist" when you're done, then if you like, open your newly-saved playlist in StyledEdit (right-click on the file, choose open-with/StyledEdit) and copy and paste it into your program log. Or paste it into your format clock or master log and add "Play " ahead of each line.

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