TuneTracker™ QuickTip

Printing Out Song Lists

Want a quick, easy way to create a printable list of songs from your collection? It's easy with Haiku®! You can do it by attribute. Just follow these simple instructions.

1. Run Terminal (it's in your apps folder)
2. Paste in the following line...

query "((Audio:Comment=="*Song"))" > /boot/home/Desktop/SongList.txt

3. Alter the word Song to whatever Comment criteria you'd prefer.
4. If you want to search by a different attribute than Comment, change that to what you want, such as Genre. Make sure you use upper and lower case accurately.
5. Hit Enter

A search results file in text format named "SongList.txt" will now be on your desktop, ready to print directly, e-mail out, or transfer to another computer for printout.

Hint: In Windows, Wordpad handles Haiku® text files just fine. So does the free, highly-recommended program, EditPad.

1. Want to make the process simpler for the future? Create a little two-line script for yourself! While in Haiku®, use StyledEdit (found in your apps folder) to create a text file containing the following two lines...

query "((Audio:Comment=="*Song"))" > /boot/home/Desktop/SongList.txt

2. Save it as a file with a name such as GetSongs.sh and put it in your /boot/home/config/bin folder
3. Now, whenever you like, you can generate a fresh list. From Terminal, just type-in GetSongs.sh and hit Enter, and your script will run and generate your list for you.

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