TuneTracker™ QuickTip

Spying Resource Usage

Want to get a sense of how much of your computer's memory and processor are being used while you broadcast?

It's easy to do. Just download Process Controller...


...install it, and run it. We suggest you select the option that will let it "live" in your deskbar.

There are options to let you look at both memory usage and CPU usage. What you'll discover is that TuneTracker and SoundPlay, the two main components a TuneTracker broadcast, barely show up as a blip on the radar.

Have a look at this screengrab from our Haiku®RADIO computer:


If you are using SoundPlay's LiveEncoder plugin you will notice a more significant impact. Adding additional LiveEncoder instances at different bitrates will increase resource usage further. We have found that you can safely do two different bitrates on a 400 MhZ computer, and more on a faster machine.

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