TuneTracker™ QuickTip

Getting to the Desktop from Command Center

Because Command Center is, by design, intended to fill the screen at 800x600 resolution, you need to view another desktop, or pop open a folder over the top of Command Center, if you want to look at or access other files or programs.

You probably already know that you can maneuver from Command Center to a free, empty desktop, by doing CTRL-F2, CTRL-F3, etc., but there are times when it's convenient to actually open the desktop in a folder window, right over the top of Command Center, allowing you to drag-n-drop items on the desktop directly into Command Center.

Easy! Just hit the letter "F" on your keyboard to pop open your Favorites folder. Click the folder's orange up-arrow until you get top level of your hard drive (often called "boot" or "Haiku®1"), then double-click on the "home" folder, then on "Desktop." It sounds lengthy but takes just a couple seconds. Now your Desktop shows up nicely in a folder, ready for access.

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