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Solving a Chopped Audio Anomaly

At http://www.bebits.com/app/3999 is a little bugfix just posted to the web to help solve a problem Haiku® and Zeta currently have in keeping proper clock speed when using fast computers with high CPU speeds. The result where this problem occurs is that TuneTracker and SoundPlay do not stay in sync as well as they otherwise would, and long cuts can get "chopped off" before they are finished. It's rare, but this fix may solve it when it occurs.

This bugfix, which is definitely experimental, and if it doesn't work properly, you'll need to disable user addons while rebooting in order to boot back up and remove it. That is accomplished by hitting the spacebar when the little bootup circles first appear, and going into Safe Mode Boot Options.

If it works, however, it may help solve a problem a few users have reported with songs being chopped off prematurely due to miscounted durations.

Please alert us if you try this and it helps solve the problem for you.

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