TuneTracker™ QuickTip

Live Input...Only When You Want It!

In a lot of cases, when you first install a sound card in Haiku®, the default settings will cause your live input to feed out through the output of your sound card, no matter what state your TuneTracker "Live" button is in. This is very easily rectified, and here are the steps...

1. Go into Haiku® Media Preferences
2. Click on the Output option from the selections in the left column
3. In the right panel, find "Live In" and put an x in the X box of that channel

This will mute line in, making it only available to the sound card's output when TuneTracker or another program such as TimeTracker or SoundRecorder requires it.

From now on, when you click a button in any program, it will respond immediately!

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