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Solving the "Click Twice" Conundrum

Under Haiku®, if a program isn't already selected (you can tell if it's selected because its tab will be yellow), you must first click once on the program interface to select it before you can click on a program button such as "Start" in TuneTracker. This can be distracting, and when doing a live show, can throw your timing off. The solution is a piece of cake.

You can choose "Focus Follows Mouse" in Haiku® Mouse Preferences, though its behavior can also be a little distracting because it causes yellow tabs and window borders to flash active as you move your mouse across them.. The following solution is probably a better one, because it mimics the behavior people are used to under Windows and Mac...

1. Download "Instant Click" from http://www.bebits.com/app/1884
2. Unzip it, open the folder
3. Drag the program to its subfolder as indicated by filenames
4. Double-click "RestartInputServer"

From now on, when you click on a button in any program, it will respond immediately!

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