TuneTracker™ QuickTip

Is Your "Home" a Mess?

TuneTracker, by default, stores its various performance logs in your home folder, which can, over time, become bloated by them. Here are a couple quick steps to resolve the problem once and for all.

  1. Turn off Report Logging in System Prefs. Unless specifically told to the contrary, you don't need it to be running, and since they're large, they are eating up more hard drive space than can be easily justified. While you're at it, delete all the report logs in your home folder.
  2. In /boot/Station/Logs/, create an "Output Logs" subfolder. If you use As-Run logs for Traffic, create an As-Run logs subfolder as well.
  3. Move all your Output Logs to the newly-created "Output Logs" folder. Move your As-Run logs, if any, to the newly-created "As-Run Logs" folder.
  4. In TuneTracker System Prefs, under Logging, change the path of the Output Logs to /boot/Station/Logs/Output Logs/, and the path of your As-Run logs to /boot/Station/Logs/As-Run Logs/

Voila. You're better organized, are saving storage space, and best of all, your "home" will be neat and tidy again.

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