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Talkbeds, Part II: Setting Up Talkbeds

The use of our TalkBed capability is more than a nice idea. It makes sense at just about every kind of radio station, by livening-up voice-tracks, news headlines, sports, weather, traffic reports, etc.

The ability of AutoCast to place a musical background beneath a voice-track is incoporated into our very simple "VT" command. You just place the VT line above the item to which you want to add a music bed, like this:

Example 1

# VT Comment SportsBed

On the VT line, specify an attribute and value (such as "Comment SportsBed" or "Gender Instrumental") that corresponds to at least one file in your library that's marked in that way. If there's more than one match, AutoCast will rotate through the available music beds, using a different one each time.

# VT plays the talk bed at a ducked (reduced) volume, based a number value you have entered in the Overlap text box in AutoCast System.

Example 2

# VT Comment MusicBkg
/boot/Station/Music/Victory/Never Alone.mp3

In Example 2 above, AutoCast will find an audio file with the Comment, "MusicBkg" and play that music underneath the voice-track, until it's time to overlap the voice-track with the song, "Never Alone." At that point, the talkbed music will go away and the song's ramp will take its place. If your ramp time is accurate, the voice-track will conclude just as the singing or main theme begins. If the song has no ramp marked, the talkbed will play beneath the entire voice-track. Staying with the example above, if there are multiple tracks matching the criteria, "Comment MusicBkg," then AutoCast will rotate through them, always using the next one in the list. If there's only one track matching the criteria, that track will be used every time.

Example 3

# VT Comment WeatherBed

In Example 3 above, rather than a voice-track, we have a weather forecast. AutoCast will find an audio file with the Comment, "WeatherBed" and play that music underneath the weather forecast. After the forecast is over, the jingle will play. You could just as easily do # VT Comment SportsBed or NewsBed, or anything you like, to enhance the sound of your reports.

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