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Two Different Broadcasts

Scenario: You are broadcasting an Internet stream using TuneTracker/SoundPlay, and need to broadcast different programming to an over-the-air audience at the same time.

Solution: With Haiku®, playing two stable broadcasts at the same time is more than possible, with horsepower to spare. You can't run two instances of TuneTracker/SoundPlay, but you can definitely run a second broadcast using another player called CL-Amp, which is available at http://www.bebits.com/bob/6705/CL-Amp_v371_x86.zip

One catch is that you will lose any TuneTracker-specific commands such as time-corrects, interrupts, live-on and live-off, etc.

Let's assume you already have TuneTracker/SoundPlay broadcasting a stream over the Internet, and now you want to start up a second broadcast using a different program log and Cl-Amp. First let's mute the SoundPlay audio playing through sound card:

1. Go to Haiku® Media Preferences and click on Audio Mixer
2. Mute the SoundPlay channel (does not stop your stream)

Because TuneTracker System program logs use a standard "playlist" filetype, you can use them in CL-Amp, but first you need to strip out commands. That can be done with a very simple script...



cd /boot/path_to_your_original_file
grep -v '^#' < originalfile > convertedfile
settype -t text/x-playlist convertedfile


Copy and paste the above into Haiku®' StyledEdit word processor, edit it with your own path and filenames, save it as a file, then run it in Haiku® Terminal.

Now, drag your converted program log into Cl-Amp, scroll to the place where you want to start, and fire-'er-up!

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