TuneTracker™ QuickTip

Just a fun background tweak

Our tips don't *always* have to be serious! Here's one that just improves the esthetics of your desktop.

If you want an attractive-looking 1024x768 workspace that uses our stock background, try the following:

1. Go to Haiku® Screen preferences and set a workspace at 1024x768, and 32 bit color
2. Right-click on the desktop, and under Addons, choose Background
3. Browse to /boot/apps/TuneTracker System/Extras/TuneTracker
Wallpaper/AutoCast Wallpaper 800x600.jpg and select that image. Yes, use the 800x600 size. We want to leave some space around it.
4. Choose "Center" for placement
5. Drag all three color sliders fully to the left, to black, then click Apply

You might find you like the look of this. It makes the icons along the edges of your monitor really stand out against the black background, and the deep black looks nice with the center image.

Alternate: If you prefer some color around the image, try these settings:

Red: 42
Green: 69
Blue: 92

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