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QuickTip: Taking advantage of Haiku's "Tabs"

Ever wondered why Haiku has tabs at the tops of its windows, instead of a bar that goes all the way across like Windows or Mac operating systems? Tabs let you stack windows on top of each other, and flip among the windows by just clicking the tabs! But in order for that to work, the tabs have to be moveable, right? Well they are! Try this:

1. Hold down the left CTRL and SHIFT keys on your keyboard
2. Click and hold on a tab, and drag it side-to-side
3. Now pile some program windows on top of each other, and move the tabs so each is visible. Viola.

Here are two images. The first shows how the windows look, piled on top of each other. The second shows when you put the first window, in this case, AutoCast, on top.



See? All the other windows are now accessible by their individual tabs, which are lined up in order. This can be handy if you want to work at lower resolution, but don't want to have to minimize any windows, but keep them all active and quickly accessible. Have fun with it!

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