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Accessing Multiple TuneTracker Computers with TT Anywhere

If you are operating more than one TuneTracker-based radio station, you may have wondered how you can access either computer from home, a remote, etc. via TT Anywhere. It *can* be done, and more easily than you may think. First, of course, you will need to purchase licenses for each computer and install TT Anywhere on each one. Please play by the rules and purchase a license for each computer you install it on.

Port Forwarding

Set up your router to forward port 5900 to the IP address of one of your TuneTracker computers, and forward port 5901 to the port of your other TuneTracker computer. If you have additional TuneTracker computers in your operation, just use successive port numbers for each.

In TT Anywhere

Right on the main screen, there's an advanced setting textbox where you can put in some information. Enter the following into TT Anywhere's textbox on the computer you have assigned to port 5900:

-PortNumber 5900 (on the other TuneTracker computer, put in -PortNumber 5901 )

In Your VNC Client

On your Windows computer (or whatever you're running at the remote end), run your VNC client, such as RealVNC, and put in the IP address of your radio station's Internet connection, followed by the port of the computer you wish to access. For example:




That approach will cause the station's router to send you straight into the computer of your choice!

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