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Fewer time-corrects = better control over music mix

When it comes to keeping your programming right on track, time-corrects are pure gold. They allow you to put a few extra songs in a portion of an hour as a safety precaution, and allow them to be skipped if they aren't needed. However, you should be aware that if extra songs have been added to a portion of the hour, a time-correct can indeed cause some of the songs to be skipped, resulting in a somewhat compromised music mix. Why? Let's look at an example:

Random Comment 80s
Random Comment 90s
Random Comment 70s
Random Comment 60s


Random Comment 70s

In the scenario above, suppose the last song that is needed by TuneTracker, prior to the time-correct, is the 70s song. What will happen is that, when that 70s song is finished playing, TuneTracker will advance past the time-correct to, yep, another 70s song.

Some time-corrects are necessary, to keep your station track near the top of the your, for example. But elsewhere in the hour, it can be advisable to reduce the number of time-corrects that would result in skipped songs, and instead try to best-guess the number of songs you need in each music segment, and leave it at that. It's often very possible to do so, and the result will be fewer situations where skipped songs "break" your carefully planned music mix.

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