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TimeAnnounce "Cheating"

If your radio station goes to a network newscast at the exact top of the hour, and you want to announce the time as the top of the hour, just before going to the news, you have a problem. If it isn't the top of the hour yet, so if you play a TimeAnnounce, it's going to declare the time to be "6:59" or whatever hour you're in.

The solution is simple. We'll use the 6:59 vs 7:00 example in our instructions below:

  1. The left and right arrow buttons let you flip through pages and pages of MyShow buttons, all configured exactly as you want them.
  2. Go into your TimeAnnounce folder (found in /boot/apps/TuneTracker System) and rename the 0659 file so it cannot be found. To do so, just put an underscore at the end of the filename, like this: 0659_. Renaming the files rather than deleting them is preferred, because that way you can revert back to them safely if you decide to do so.

  3. Make a copy of your 0700 file (right-click on it and choose "Duplicate"), and then rename it to 0659.

Obviously, the same technique can be used at any time in any hour where you need to do a slightly advanced time announcement.

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