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What Are Those Output Logs and Report Logs For?

Occasionally a user asks us, "What are all those output logs and report logs that keep building up in my system's home folder, and do I need them for anything?" Here's the scoop...

Output logs contain a list of everything your TuneTracker System has played all day long. Each day a new one is created, with a filename that includes the broadcast date. These are plain text files that can serve as valuable records of what you have played. You can load them into CSacker and filter out a list of just the information you need, such as a list of all the PSAs you ran, and when, all the promos you rand when, all the commercials you ran, and when, etc. You can also use CSacker to examine your daily output logs to determine how often you are playing certain artists, certain albums, certain titles, etc. The information lets you prepare reports to ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC (thus the name CSacker), or reports to the FCC on public service content like newscasts and public service announcements. If you need to keep record of such things, hang onto your output logs as proof your station's performance in those areas.

Report logs are more of an internal log of automation activity, and frankly aren't of much use to anyone other than our programmers, for use in diagnosing any problems you might be encountering. If you do report a problem, we may request the report log for that day in addition to the day's output log. You needn't keep old report logs unless you're having a problem you wish us to examine.

By default, output and report logs are stored in your home folder, but you can change the storage location to any folder you like, and turn output and report logging on and off, from the Logging tab of your System Preferences in TuneTracker.

Bonus Tip: In AutoCast 3.1 and higher, you can view the current output log right from within TuneTracker! Just right-click in the scrolling textbox and choose "Display output log."

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