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Meaning of "Cannot save persistent program log queue" Error

If AutoCast begins displaying red warning text in its textbox, saying cannot write persistent program log, it is a fairly serious error, but has a very easy resolution. The error indicates there is no longer any room left on your boot drive, and without it, AutoCast cant function normally. AutoCast may also fail to advance from one song to the next once that error appears.

The fastest way to resolve this problem is to empty your trash, which normally is adequate to allow AutoCast to start performing this vital logging function. After that, go through your boot drive and starting clearing away files you no longer need.

Its important never to allow your boot drive (called System, or in older installations, Haiku or BeOS1) to completely fill up, since the operating system and AutoCast need a little breathing room. With our 2016 and later installations, which allocate a very small amount of space to your boot volume, and the vast majority to a separate volume for your radio files, its especially crucial never to store station contents in the boot drive volume named System. That includes the storage of files in folders on your Desktop, which also get stored in System.

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