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The Three-Finger Salute

TuneTracker QuickTip: "Scanning Multiple Volumes in TuneStacker" If you notice that your program logs contain songs or other audio files from hard drive volumes other than your boot drive, and that's not what your situation requires, read on! Be aware that TuneStacker, our music selection software, is equipped to take advantage of as many or as few hard drives or hard drive partitions as you tell it to. That means that songs and other audio files on each selected drive volume will be available to TuneStacker when performing the randomizations and rotations specified in your master log. If you only intend to use a single volume, assure that only that volume is selected. If you wish to use specific volumes, check as many as you wish. To choose which volumes to select, click the button in TuneStacker labeled "Scan Volumes," and click specific drives to put a checkmark next to the ones you want, or to uncheck the ones you don't.

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