TuneTracker™ QuickTip

Magic Alert Messages

TuneTracker is smart enough to just ignore lines in your logs that call for non-existent files. Take advantage of that fact by scheduling special announcement events on your log. In your format clocks and master logs, you might have lines every ten minutes or so that look like this:

Play /boot/station/weather/special.wav

Most of the time, because no file for those lines is found, they are ignored by TuneTracker. But when you do need a special alert to run, just FTP over a special.wav file to the specified folder. When you no longer need it to run, just FTP in to your TuneTracker computer and delete it. That simply, you can always be right on-top-of-it at your station, even when there's "nobody home."

If you don't have networking set up in your TuneTracker computer yet, refer to the Networking Setup section of your TuneTracker User's Guide for details.

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