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Adding Info to songs using albumlinernotes.com

We have come across a wonderful, very comprehensive resource that can be used to look up information specific songs, albums, artists, etc. It's a web site called albumlinernotes.com, which contains liner notes (the text of credits, bio information, etc) from a huge number of album releases. Text from the site can easily be pasted into the Info field of songs, for reference use in the TuneTracker System. Use CTRL-C to copy the text, then CTRL-V to paste it into the Info field in Army Knife.

The info available varies from album to album, but it is an incredibly rich resource. Here are a few examples, all using the Info pulldown button option in the Army Knife program:

  1. Drag an entire album to Army Knife, and paste-in the info that is common to the entire album, such as the story behind the recording. Hit Apply.

  2. Drag all the songs by a certain artist into Army Knife, and paste-in the bio information about the artist and hit Apply.

  3. Drop-in an entire album, then click on the first song in the list. Copy the credits for that song from the web site, and paste them into the Info text box. Hit Apply. Click on the second song in the list, and repeat the process. Etc.

Once the data has been added, it can be retrieved and read by your announcers in AutoCast. To do so, they can either click-and-hold (or touch-and-hold) on a song in the program log list view, or right-click and choose "Get song info." The available info associated with the song will appear in the scrolling text box.

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