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Using the Rotate Command to "Cheat"

It's a fairly simple thing to add a "Play" command to your master log, like this:

Play /boot/path/Friday5PM_News.mp3

But what if the path and filename are complicated or you're just feeling feeling lazy and don't want to bother with paths and filenames? Rather than risk being inaccurate, try changing the Comment field of the file itself and using Rotate instead!

For example, change the Comment field of your newscast file to "fri5pnews" and just add the following to your masterlog:

Rotate Comment fri5pnews

When you go to generate your log, TuneStacker will find the file based on the Comment you specified, and add its exact path and filename to the program log for you.

Why does it work? Because with Rotate, if only one cut can be found matching your Comment criteria, that same cut will be used every time!

Several things to remember...

- As with all TuneStacker commands, be sure you capitalize the word Comment.

- When using Rotate, do not include the word "Protect" on the line, as you would with Random.

- If you get sloppy and have extra or older versions of the file elsewhere on your system, marked with the same Comment, they will be added to the rotation. So if you only want the one file to be used, be certain you don't have "spares" floating around.

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