TuneTracker™ QuickTip

Bringing files over from Lightning to ArmyKnife

One of the brilliant things about the TuneTracker System is that it’s all so interconnected. Here’s a little trick you may not already know. Suppose you find a file in Lightning, and notice it doesn’t have all its attribute fields filled out. Maybe it’s missing a Title, or a Comment. Or maybe you want to adjust its transition time so it starts the next song quicker. Just right-click on it, and choose “Edit song info.” Boom. ArmyKnife opens up and displays the song, ready for editing. Want to edit more than one? Hold down SHIFT and click to select a group of songs in Lightning, then do the exact same thing: right-click and choose “Edit song info.” The whole selection will be opened in ArmyKnife. Very handy!

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