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Great alternative to "air in a can"

If you want to keep your TuneTracker computer running longer, one of the best things you can do is to clean it regularly. Just take the side off (it's held on with two screws) and use high pressure air to blow off the components, fans, and power supply.

We've traditionally used throwaway cans of air (with all their cost and accompanying environmental disadvantages) to clean out our computers here at TuneTracker Systems LLC, and are happy to say we've been able to put that behind us. For about the cost of a few cans of compressed air, we purchased a device called the DataVac Electric Duster ED500. It's a hand-held blower (kind of a reverse vacuum cleaner) that kicks out a powerful blast of air through a variety of included nozzles and attachments.

The DataVac fits nicely in one hand, and feels sturdy and weighty, not cheap. It comes with an extra long (12') power cord that we immediately appreciated, and the unit can be set down vertically on a surface when not in use thanks to a set of rubber feet.

Considering these things only cost about 55 bucks, they're a surprisingly serious piece of kit! The DataVac draws 4.5 amps, and uses 500 watts of power. It's rated at .75 horsepower; more than a lot of garage door openers! But you don't really have to worry about the power bill, since for most jobs, it blasts the dust and debri away in just a few seconds.

A suggestion though. If you can take the computer outside while you're cleaning it, you'll probably be doing yourself a favor. The amount of dust that comes out of it when you hit it with the DataVac can be amazing, especially if it's been a few months since the last time you cleaned it.

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