TuneTracker™ QuickTip

Using Drag-n-Drop to Add Program Logs to Queue

When loading your program logs into the TuneTracker Program Log Queue (the upper window pane in TuneTracker), you don't have to use the Add button. You can drag and drop the files directly into the queue. Below are some simple instructions, which work in all versions of TuneTracker...

1. Open up the folder where the logs are located
2. Hold down the command key (CTRL or ALT depending on how you have your Haiku® "menu" options set up)
3. With the command key held down, single click to select the files you want, in the order you want them to be added, to select them. They'll turn black when selected.
4. Drag your entire selection and drop it into the Program Log Queue.

If you are adding files one-at-a-time to the queue, that's easy too. Just drag them and drop them from your folder into the queue.

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