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Got Problems? Look at Your Logs

Many of the technical support calls and e-mails we receive are questions about what might be wrong when TuneTracker is playing something at the wrong time. And almost without exception, the issue is the same: program log problems. TuneTracker AutoCast is stubbornly accurate about playing what you want, when you want, and if it "gets off," you can almost bet that one of the following things is wrong.

1. Not enough music

This is the number one most common error. Always schedule more music than you think you need. We recommend you exceed the maximum number of songs you think you'll need by two songs per quarter hour. If you have placed time-corrects and/or interrupts correctly in your logs, AutoCast will skip over any unneeded music and you'll stay right on time.

2. Syntax errors

Be sure your time-corrects and interrupts are properly spelled and punctuated. Make certain you leave a space following the pound sign at the beginning of each time-correct and interrupt. #interrupt@:15:00 will not work, but # interrupt@:15:00 will.

3. Misnumbered hours

Scroll through your master log(s) and assure your hour statements are numbered sequentially, starting with # hour 0 and ending with # hour 23. It is a common error to accidentially misnumber one or more hours, and that will definitely cause TuneTracker some confusion.

4. Don't remove music from re-used logs

If your station is untypical, and plays the same program every day rather than generating new ones for each day, and you choose to remove music from the program log from within AutoCast, you are also removing the songs from the program log file itself. As a result, it is possible that you could "whittle down" the available music until there isn't enough left. If you do re-use the same program log over-and-over, and still want the ability to remove entries from it on a particular day, go into System Prefs, click the Misc tab, and uncheck "Auto-save DnD program log edits."

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