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Four Ways to Add Information to Your Songs

The attributes of your audio files, such as Artist, Album, Title, Comment, Genre, Info, Gender, Rating, etc., are incredibly useful in the TuneTracker System. They're used to customize your music mix when building your program logs, track down requested songs, and organize and control your library. The more rich data you can assign to your files, the better. Here are four ways to make changes to your files' attributes:

The new "Edit song info" feature in AutoCast 4.1

In AutoCast 4.1 and above, a convenient feature lets you select any song in the current day's program log and edit the song information about it.

Manual changes to individual files

Bulk changes to a group of files (careful...do a backup of your files first...bulk changes can result in bulk mistakes!)

Individually, in Army Knife

You can even assign whole paragraphs of data to a file, such as background information the artist, the album, the song, the era when it was recorded, etc. See your TuneTracker User's Guide for complete details.

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