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If you want to always keep your computer clock on perfect GMT, follow these steps:

1. Go into your Time preferences, and assure "Clock set to:" is on GMT
2. Click the Time Zone tab, and select Atlantic Ocean, then Azores

If you have TuneTracker Pro, you can stop here. Just use your NTP Update feature in TuneTracker Preferences.

3. Acquire Networktime from http://www.bebits.com/bob/13541/NTP_x86.zip
4. Acquire Scheduler from http://www.bebits.com/bob/5313/Scheduler1_3-demo.zip
5. Install Networktime and Scheduler. Make sure a copy of Networktime is in /boot/home/config/bin
6. In Scheduler, set up a "Command" Event handler and paste in the following shell command:


Set it as "Active" and under the "When" tab, you can make it as frequent as once per hour ("Every 1 hours")

NOTE:  The above NTP address is just an example. There are many IP addresses you can use for time updating.

Comments: The above method corrects a funky little GMT bug in Haiku® time preferences, as well as updates your system clock regularly. The IP address is one we have found consistently good, but there are many, many other NTP servers out there that will work equally well. You can see a big list of them at: http://www.eecis.udel.edu/~mills/ntp/servers.html .

Scheduler is shareware but the author apparently no longer takes payments for it...or at least, we've been unable to reach him. It isn't really crippled, other than a once-weekly reminder message which can be dismissed. Scheduler is a really excellent program that can be used for all kinds of helpful things, including routine backups of your system, uploading "current song" info to a web site, and any number of other good uses.

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