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Setting Up an Audition Circuit

Since AutoCast can route any input to any output on Broadcast Tools switchers, it's child's play to set up audio events to be played live over the air, either manually, using configurable buttons, or automatically, via the program log. But it doesn't end with putting things on the air. It's also simple to rig up a second stereo output that feeds a set of audition speakers, so you can also listen to items "off the air." How's it done?

    Configure a button that routes the input of your choice to the second set of outputs. It takes only a few seconds to set up. From then on, when you click that button, it will route the audio input to your new "audition channel" for off-air monitoring.

There are many uses for an audition circuit of the kind described here. It's a great way to monitor a sports feed or remote broadcast to hear off-air instructions or queues prior to the broadcast, on breaks, or after the broadcast is concluded. It also allows you to record feeds "off air." Perhaps following a football game's play-by-play, the announcer at the game wishes to feed a post-game wrapup that can be used on your sportscasts the next day. If the audition feed is tied in to a recording device, you will not only be able to hear them, but also record the feed for later broadcast use.

Instructions on configuring a button are covered in the TuneTracker Systems User's Guide.

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