TuneTracker™ QuickTip

"Don't Space Out"

One of the most common issues reported to us by TuneTracker users is instances where TuneStacker fails to find songs at certain places in the program log, resulting in lines that say, "TuneStacker error - no files found." Almost always, the problem is the same. A trailing space. Look at these two lines:

Random Comment Song
Random Comment Song

They look the same, but they're not. If you click at the end of the lines and use your right arrow key on your keyboard, you'll notice that one of the two lines contains a blank space at the end. This is interpreted as a character by TuneStacker, so it goes out in search of Song(space) rather than just Song.

The fix is simple! Using the example above, you'd just open up the offending master log and do a search for Song with a space after it, replacing it with Song without a space after it. Do Replace All, then save the file. When you run it back through TuneStacker, odds are the problem will be a thing of the past.

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