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Finding MP3s in Style,  Part I

If you do a request show, you're going to love this two-part series.

This is the first of two quick-tips that will make rapidly finding specific songs an absolute breeze. First off, let's confirm that you have set your Haiku® "Menu" preferences properly.

Click on the blue and red "Haiku®" button your desktop and choose Preferences/Menu. Confirm whether your shortcut key is ALT or CTRL. We recommend you make it CTRL if you're used to standard shortcut keys such as are found in Windows. After putting a checkmark next to your choice, just close the window and your choice will be saved automatically.

Now, click once on the desktop background, so none of your open windows are active, hold down CTRL (or ALT if you chose that instead in Menu preferences), and hit the "F" key. "F" as in "Find." A query window will appear. Type in part of the name of a song you know to be on your hard drive and hit Search. Bingo, the song will appear in a results window. To play it in TuneTracker, just double-click it the song in the results window.

If you double-click on a song in a Find results window and it opens in a different player than SoundPlay, do this:

In SoundPlay, choose Settings/Preferences, and in the left window pane, choose "FileTypes." Put an X-mark in the option box for "adjust mime type of played files," then also put an X-mark in the option box for "make SoundPlay preferred application." Leave the "never set filetype for raw audio" as it is. Close SoundPlay entirely, to assure your changes are saved.

Want to get fancier? Attached are three pre-built searches that will launch "Find" and immediately let you search in specific ways, by Artist, Album, and Title. (Referenced in the e-mail. Write to request them)

Unzip them to your desktop while running Haiku® (don't unzip them in Windows) by double-clicking on the zip file and choosing, as the destination, /boot/home/Desktop.

Now, let's say you get a request for a song by The Beatles. Double-click on the Artist icon, type in "beatles" (case doesn't matter) and hit Search. Got a request for "How Great Thou Art?" Double-click on the Title icon, type in "how great" and hit Search. You get the idea. Your songs will appear pretty much instantly and be ready to play.

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