TuneTracker™ QuickTip

Adding Segue Markers to Sweepers and Other "Non-Song" Items

AutoCast 3.1's new "Segue Markers" feature let you set a specific amount of allowable overlap at the start and end of every song, which makes the transitions between songs sound beautiful. But why stop at songs? You can also set segue markers on other programming elements. For example, you can set a segue-in and segue-out marker on each of your sweepers. For some stations, it will work nicely to split the overlap evenly. For example, on a six-second sweeper, try assigning the first three seconds to the segue-in and the remaining three seconds to the segue-out. It's surprisingly effective! And since the length of the segue is only as much as is allowable by both "parties," there's no worry that the sweeper will crash into a song's stinger ending or the next song's "cold start."

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