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When Block Programming Quits Permaturely (SS May Be to Blame)

" Perhaps you have noticed an instance where a long-form program such as a church service, a concert, a city council meeting, or other lengthy program gets cut-off by TuneTracker before it is concluded. The reason is very likely that there were silences in the content that were longer than allowable by your silence sensor settings. After a period of relative silence, TuneTracker "panicked" and skipped out of the event because it assumed the signal from the event had been lost.

The solution is simple. Temporarily turn off the silence sensor during such events. To do so, put a line like this prior to the event...

# SS Off

...and a line like this after the event...

# SS On

That will assure that, no matter how many "pregnant pauses" might be in the block programming, TuneTracker will not give up on it.

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