TuneTracker™ QuickTip

Using Cue to Overlap with Network Return

When coming out of a break and playing an image line or bumper music leading back into satellite network programming, it can sound nice to have some overlap if you have your timings right. It's a very easy thing to accomplish in AutoCast 4.0 and above.

Open the folder containing the bumper or liner you want to allow to overlap, and place a value in the Cue column. If you don't see the Cue column, add it from the Attributes pulldown menu at the top of the window. Type-in a value in seconds, representing the amount you want to allow the cut to overlap with the network. You can limit the amount of overlap to what you consider safe based on your experience with the timing the network uses, how long their return music lasts, etc.

Note that the Cue feature assumes any level adjustments are already accounted for. There is no ducking done, so this technique will work best if relative levels between the outputs of AutoCast and the network are properly calibrated.

There may be other attribute-related features you're missing out on. There's the full of adjustable attribute values used by the TuneTracker System in the User's Guide.

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