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Using USB Hard Drives with Haiku

Portable USB hard drives can really come in handy when used with the TuneTracker System. They're an easy way to import a large library of audio files, for example. A few pointers:

When you first connect up the drive, you may be prompted whether you want to mount the it as read-only, or read/write. You can select either one, however if you're only going to be copying files from the drive, read-only is fine, and safer; less chance you could accidentally delete contents from the drive.

If you aren't prompted about how to mount the drive, you may need to mount it yourself. Just right-click on the Desktop background, move your mouse over Mount, and left-click on the drive, to put a check mark next to it. If it already has a check mark next to it, it's already mounted and you'll see it in Disks if you look in there.

USB support in Haiku is quite robust, especially for reading files in from a hard drive. When writing files out to the hard drive, it is a little more prone to instability. It may work 100% in both directions for you, but we recommend that, whether reading or writing, you make sure yo're nearby in case of a problem.

Never leave the USB device plugged in when you're done with it. For safety's sake, do the following after you're finished copying files:

  1. Double-click on Disks, on your Desktop
  2. Right-click on the USB drive device, and choose Unmount
  3. Remove the device.

Important: NEVER just yank the plug on the USB connection!

Because of the potential for instability, USB is not recommended for daily use in doing backups. For that, use TuneBacker:


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