TuneTracker™ QuickTip

Avoiding "computer noise" in live studios

Whether it's the production room or the on-air studio, you'll benefit from having your computer(s) on the other side of a wall, so you avoid fan noise when you're using a microphone. This is especially true if you use condenser mics, which are wonderful, but very more susceptible to room noise. If you're just dealing with drywall and want to accomplish something quickly, get a keyhole saw and cut a small hole through your drywall to the next room.

Run your computer cables through the hole, with the keyboard, mouse, and monitor on your side of the wall, and your computer(s) on the other side...preferably on a surface that keeps them off the floor and out of the dust. You can get a lot fancier than that, of course, so do what makes sense for your situation. Even if you have to buy some extension cables to accomplish it, you might find it’s worth it to have a nice, dead-quiet room for production or on-air use.

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