TuneTracker™ QuickTip

"Using the ShuttlePad with Lightning"

Because AutoCast is drag-n-drop compatible with objects brought in from the desktop or from other programs, you can take advantage of that feature when working with the ShuttlePad button. ShuttlePad remembers whatever is dropped on it, and then allows you to repeatedly drag-n-drop copies of its contents to your program log. Using the scenario of a commercial that needs to be last-minute-scheduled to multiple locations in the current day's program log, here's how you can use the ShuttlePad along with Lightning to make the addition very quickly.

  1. Use Lightning to instantly find the commercial you need.
  2. Drag-n-drop the commercial from Lightning to the ShuttlePad. Close Lightning.
  3. Hit the number "3" on your keyboard, to collapse your program log into hour view.
  4. Scroll to the hour where the first commercial should be placed, and click the Expand/Collapse button (the one with the up and down arrows on it).
  5. Drag-n-drop from the ShuttlePad to the location(s) in the hour where the ad needs to be placed.
  6. Collapse that hour by clicking again on the Expand/Collapse button
  7. Expand the next hour where the ad needs to be placed, and drag-n-drop from ShuttlePad to the desired location(s). Continue this process until all the commercials have been added.
  8. Hit the number "4" on your keyboard to return to normal log view

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