TuneTracker™ QuickTip

Using the 'half-song rule' when placing time-corrects

Time-Corrects are necessary in virtually an program log, to assure your programming stays on track while running fully automated. Normally we recommend you add a bit more music than you need to each time block, and place a time-correct at the end. The time-correct will tell TuneTracker to skip over any songs that are not necessary. But how do you know when to schedule a time-correct?

A very good rule of thumb is to schedule the time-correction two minutes prior to the time when you would like the automation to advance to "what's next." Why? Look at this example:

# Time-Correct@:58:00
# Hour 20

Assuming we want to hit as close to the top of the hour as possible with the ID, without interrupting a song to do it, setting the time-correct two minutes ahead of time (approximately half the length of the average song) helps the automation advance to the ID as close to "straight-up" as possible.

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