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Using Live Assist Mode

Doing a live show is easier and more intuitive with the new Live-Assist Mode. When engaged, Live-Assist Mode disables time-corrects, so AutoCast plays every item in your program log without trying to skip any due to time-corrections, even when running automated. It's perfect for live DJ shows and engineering ballgames, and any other situation where you don't want AutoCast "second guessing you" and jumping past audio events due to time-corrects in the program log.

Engaging Live Assist Mode is engaged with a click-hold or touch-hold on the Auto button, which causes the button color to turn green. Once engaged, every event will be played in sequence, without regard to time-corrects when running automated. You can still turn automation mode on and off as usual, but the button will stay green, indicating that when you *are* running automated, all time-corrects are being ignored.

Once you're done with your show, do another click-hold or touch-hold to turn Live Assist mode off and return to normal automated operation, where time-corrects, interrupts, and other time-sensitive automation events are obeyed as usual.

The danger, of course, is in engaging Live Assist Mode, and then walking away and forgetting it is engaged. For that reason, Program Directors will be happy to know they can add an item to the program log that will assure that Live Assist Mode is turned off automatically at the end of a DJ shift, using the following simple syntax:

# LiveAssist Off

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