TuneTracker™ QuickTip

Using Number Keys - Easy as One, Two, Three...uh, Four!

Because AutoCast's interface handles tasks so easily, we haven't had to load the program up with hotkeys, but here are four really handy ones that are worth remembering. Hitting these number keys on your keyboard are great shortcuts to accomplish the following:

1 - Display (or stop displaying) the memo/notation lines in your logs.
2 - Display the program log queue. This one comes in really handy!
3 - Display the program log collapsed into hours
4 - Display the program log fully expanded, showing all events

The number 4 also serves as a quick way to jump your display back to the correct time-of-day if you've been scrolling around in the log. Turning Auto off, and back on, will also jump your display back to the correct time-of-day in the log.

A reminder that if you're a person who likes to use the number pad over on the right side of your keyboard, you must assure the "Num Lock" feature is engaged and its light is lit on your keyboard. You can confirm this hitting the "Num Lock" key. If a keyboard light goes out, you've turned Number Lock off. If it goes on, you've turned it on, which is what you want.

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