TuneTracker™ QuickTip

Getting a fast count of songs in your music library

Suppose you want to know how many songs you have in your station's Music folder. Theoretically, you could just right-click on the Music folder and choose Get Info, but the count you get there includes, not only the audio files, but also all the folders and subfolders and any non-audio files that might be lurking around in there.. For an accurate count, open Army Knife and drop the Music folder into it. Army Knife builds a list of JUST the audio files, and the total it reports should be an on-the-nose count of your current music library.

In the Army Knife included with TuneTracker System 4.6 and above, the display not only gives you a file count, but also indicates how many of the songs you have selected for editing at any given time.

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