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BeSharing From a Mac or PC

QuickTip: Besharing From a Mac or PC Here at TuneTracker Systems LLC, we're huge fans of BeShare, a chat and file sharing client for Haiku® and Haiku®. We use it as a way to support customers, but it's also just plain fun for everyone who wants to be in touch with other users of the operating system, exchange notes, share files, etc. We talk about BeShare in this previous QuickTip:


Most of our systems include BeShare, and it's even assigned to a hotkey combo, CTRL-ALT-B.

You may wish to use BeShare on other platforms as well, such as Windows or a Mac. You can download versions for those operating systems, that connect to the same BeShare servers and perform the same functions as the Haiku®/Haiku® version, via this web page:


The bundle includes installers for both Mac and PC. On the Mac, there is a power PC version in the .dmg file, and a nice version for Intel Macs called JavaShare2_1_a2.jar.

There are several active servers where people chat in BeShare. We are normally in beshare.neonplasma.com. We encourage all our TuneTrackers to join us in BeShare. Connect up, and just park there...stay logged in! It's a great place to hang out, learn, share ideas, and interact.

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