TuneTracker™ QuickTip

Launching TimeTracker at Bootup

Power outages and interruptions that cause your computer to reboot will not keep you off the air if you have selected all the "Reboot Recovery Options" in TuneTracker Preferences. However if TimeTracker, the background recording program was running prior to the reboot, it will not be automatically relaunched when the computer boot backs up. Not-to-worry though, it's easy to make it happen.

1. Open the following file. You can find it by right-clicking on your home folder (which is on your desktop) and following the paths indicated until you get to the file, then left-clicking on the file:


2. On a blank line in the file, paste-in the following:

/boot/apps/TuneTracker\ System/TimeTracker/TimeTracker &

3. Save and close the file, and you're done! The next time your computer reboots, TimeTracker will launch automatically and continue to run. A similar approach can be used for auto-launching other programs at bootup using Haiku®.

Note: If you have moved your TuneTracker installation folder to a different location than the apps folder, you will need to adjust the path shown above to point to the correct location.

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