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Getting Double-Duty From the Comment Field

Anyone who has TuneTracker AutoCast is using the most advanced version of TuneStacker music selection software, which gives you a greater amount of flexibility than you probably realize. In this tip, we'll show you how to get double-duty from the Comment field. Actually "double-duty" is an understatement. Get as much "duty" as you want from the comment field!

Rather than putting one identifying word in the Comment field, try several, with spaces in-between. For example, you could mark a song with the comments, "Song," "MainLibrary," "70s," and "Mornings." In your master log, you could potentially bring that song up by any one of those words. Just encase the word in quotes, as shown in these examples:

Random Comment "70s"
Random Comment "Mornings"
Random Comment "MainLibrary"

And of course, you can still leverage your other attributes at the same time:

Random Comment "70s" Tempo Fast Genre Rock
Random Comment "Mornings" Tempo Medium Gender Female Genre Pop

Note that only the Comment attribute in our examples is in quotation marks, because we are requiring TuneStacker to "pick" one word out of the Comment field from among several of them.

While we have not tested theory, we can't think of a reason why you couldn't do the exact same multiple-word approach with other attributes like Genre and Tempo, nor can we come up with a good argument as to how many or few words you could potentially include in each one. Taken together, you can have thousands of combinations of attributes and values in your library. How's that for versatility?

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